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Get a quick quote by MSS or emailing Kester a photograph of your existing area plus any relevant information and he can quote you and possibly give you new ideas etc.

Re sand; no sand on the lawn because Kester's truck has a sand hopper above the cement mixer which pumps the mortar etc to the back of the house, eliminating the potential damage of wheelbarrows etc on your lawns and garden, and also speeding up the project.

However, larger jobs may require Kester's trailer/workshop (also has cement mixer with hopper and pump) to be parked on the driveway (on top of large tarp).

1. " Design your own". Kesters jobs are created by a combination of special architectural mouldings, special cappings, decorative rendering and paint finishes.

The system allows variation in height, length, colour, type & shape of Architectural mouldings.

Changing one or more of these factors allows you to design your own feature with little or no extra cost.

2. Kester's "decorative masonry" because of its systematic nature can be similarly priced (sometimes less) than limestone etc alternatives. Because we design, supply & fix value for money is assured.

3. Kester is very experienced at working in established areas and gardens