Limestone Rendering

Photos of construction on are all limestone rendering! finishes.

Below are some of the more popular examples of our render only work.

Fireplace architrave, bullnosing, half-column and stone relief stuck on during rendering process to great effect! Perfect for renovating etc.

Above After / Below Before

Below: Render prices range between approx $50 - $100 per sq m, depending on height, meterage, type of finish, number of colours in finish, etc.


 Above: While most jobs use the three flat patterns, Kester can custom make or match any style of rendering for a small extra cost per metre.


This classic look was achieved using render techniques only.


Rendering can look cleaner than limestone blocks. Although Kester built this job the finish is stone rendering.



Special job, combination of Kester's rendering and bullnosing techniques.

Kester has developed three patterns to suit most applications at $100/sq m (over 10 sq m). For more specific styles at cost plus see

Mediterranean Block Style:

Above: Mediterranean block style is the most popular style. Round styles don't handle corners/pillars as attractively.

Flat Random Rubble Style:

Flat styles look more presentable at close range compared with traditional freeform limestone rendering, that has a tendancy to look rough close up.

Flat styles also have very attractive joint patterns designed by Kester. See photos.